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Nancy Leff, Humor Consultant, is the Director of Leff-Laffs Communications. A motivational speaker to corporations, hospitals and social and civic organizations on the importance of fun, laughter, humor and play, Leff facilitates seminars on the following topics:

* A Fun Workplace is a Productive Workplace 
* Team Building With Humor
* Life: A Laffing Matter
* Take 2 Laffs and Call me in the Morning: The Healing Power of Humor
* Communicating with Humor
* Perking up your Presentation with Humor
* Career Planning – Interviewing and Resume Writing (Career Coaching with a bit of Humor)
* Humor and Spirituality, an Unbeatable Combination 
* Wardrobe Whimsy
* Leading with Laffter

Nancy will present an individualized workshop to your company, health facility or organization. Book her for your conference, staff meeting, retreat, or just because it's Monday, Wednesday, All-Laffter Day or whatever! She can speak to your group for 15 minutes on up to a six-hour interactive seminar.

Leff also consults on organizing a Rumpus Room and lighthearted centers for your work site or hospital, a place employees and/or patients can go to unstress, lighten up, relax and play, in order to better cope with the job and/or healing.

Also the author of LIFE: A LAFFING MATTER, workbook and audiotape, Leff discounts her products to non-profit groups and to attendees at her presentations.

To book Leff, please email or

Click here for more information on books and tapes.

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