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Not only is your Queen the Queen of Humor, she is also the Queen of Accessories! Nancy's Fancies are a great way to decorate and add a finishing touch to your wardrobe or decor. Scroll down for more information on Sleeve Pins, and Earrings.

Each item is personally and individually hand-made with care and flair. Nancy will gladly custom design any of her unique products for your individual needs. Prices vary. Sleeve pins start at $10 per pair and earrings at $8 per pair.

Nancy also makes Pittsburgh "Stillers" earrings and sleeve pins not yet shown.

The first amazing and wonderful object in the Nancy's Fancy's line are her sleeve pins, demonstrated here by the Queen herself at a Santa Maria festival.

Fancies are available in a variety of jewels, crystals, pearls and other beads on silver or gold pins. They do not pierce the fabric, so they are safe to use on most blouses, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts and scarves. They can be worn in so many creative ways.

The next amazing and wonderful object in the Nancy's Fancy's line are her earrings. These are available in a variety of shapes, colors, styles and sizes.

Sleeve pins are just adorable and a must-have accessory for any fashionable woman.

Interested in ordering one of these hand made, custom designed masterpieces? Contact us for more information!

Every day Nancy gives thanks for her unique ability to accessorize!

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